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Fast Braces at Chiswick Park Dental

Posted by Jeanne Naylor on 22 December 2015 | 0 Comments


Developed 20 years ago by a Dallas orthodontist Fast Braces have grown more and more popular each year, and it’s no surprise why. Designed for adults, children and teenagers, they’re a reliable and great way to get the teeth you’ve always wanted. Fast Braces has been hailed a technological breakthrough with proven results by many orthodontists across the world.


Chiswick Park Dental are offering this treatment, performed by our friendly and exceptional orthodontist Dr Harshida Mistry and who each possesses a wealth of experience. Our new addition to the team Dr Ronak Patel will also be treating patients and has a fantastic rapport with children as well as 9 years of experience carrying out the procedure.  



What are Fast Braces?

The clue is in the name with this one. Fast Braces do what regular braces do, except they do it faster. Their unique design allows for the simultaneous movement of the top and root of your teeth, whereas traditional braces move them in separate stages, resulting in slower progress. This is a safe and simple process that gets results. Quicker.


How do they work?

Fast Braces are all about efficiency. Unlike traditional braces where the treatment begins with moving the crown (visible) part of the tooth. By focusing on the root of the teeth, the treatment takes half of the time as they work to fix two problems at once but with no compromise on the quality of the result or your safety.


How long does it take?

Traditional braces generally achieve results after 2-3 years. By contrast, Fast Braces take about a year to work their magic and in some cases, 20 weeks is the period in which people have seen complete results.


Wearing the braces

Patients have widely reported excellent feedback, with little or no sensitivity compared with traditional braces which can be very painful and uncomfortable. 



Once the braces are removed, your dentist may provide you with a retainer to wear when you go to sleep, otherwise known as ‘teeth pyjamas’, or an equivalent to wear for a short time in the shower for a little while afterward: ‘tooth shampoo’.



If you’re an adult thinking about getting braces the traditional procedure will often require the removal of 2-4 teeth before you can wear your braces. Fast Braces is a non-extraction process which eliminates the pain and discomfort of extraction.



Your dentist will not need you to come into clinic nearly as much as if you were wearing traditional braces, which dramatically reduces the cost of the procedure. Most of the treatment will happen in the comfort of your own home and it costs half the price of the traditional treatment – a longer and more painful one.  


At Chiswick Park Dental, not only do we pride ourselves on a high quality service, but on making people feel safe and at ease. If you are nervous about visiting the clinic, our practitioners will be at your disposal for any questions or anxieties you may have.


In an age where time is invaluable, Fast Braces are a breakthrough for patient and orthodontist alike. You can get your smile back with an easier, less arduous, less time consuming treatment.


During the festive season we are offering complimentary consultations for Fast Braces with Dr. Harshida Mistry.  Please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.  

Tel:  020 8987 9977




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