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Why visiting the dentist should become your New Year’s resolution

Posted by Default Admin on 2 January 2015 | 0 Comments


A healthier lifestyle and getting fitter is on many people’s lists, but how many of us consider improving our dental health?

Good dental habits not only promote a great smile and healthy teeth but also impacts on your overall health as well.

Here are some top reasons why one of your resolutions should be to visit the dentist regularly:

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal claims that studies have shown that there is a direct link between inflammation in your mouth and inflammation in your body. This means that your oral health could be an indicator of problems located elsewhere within your body, including your brain, heart and pancreas.

Your oral health may be affected by, or can even contribute to, various other health issues.  Some of these include: diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, Alzheimer’s disease, and Osteoporosis. As these issues can present themselves in the gums, teeth and tongue, your dentist can see the early signs of them just by examining your teeth and, once spotted, can direct you to see your primary care provider.

Your dentist can spot the signs of tooth decay and periodontal disease and treat these symptoms before they lead to more serious cases such as tooth loss.

If you aren’t brushing your teeth enough or brushing them properly, your dentist can advise you on how best to brush and floss.

Additional issues that your dentist can detect include signs of HIV/AIDS, drug use such as methamphetamine addictions and eating disorders.  All of which are life threatening if not treated quickly and properly.

Scheduling regular checkups allows the team at Chiswick Park Dental Practice to address any concerns before they become bigger problems. Visiting your dentist every six months is the best way to ensure a clean bill of dental health, so this year, schedule regular appointments and keep your mouth in good shape. Call 020 8987 9977 and book your way to a healthier new year. 

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