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I would highly recommend Dr. Mistry, Dr. Ghandi and their team for adults and children alike.

Sarah Towneley

Children’s dental care – first class treatment with a friendly face

At Chiswick Park Dental Practice we’re committed to providing our patients with a lifetime of excellent dental care... which means starting as early as possible.

You may be worried that your child might be afraid of going to the dentist... perhaps they’ve had some less than happy experiences in the past. Rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to make their visit calm, relaxed... even fun! All our staff will take the time to make sure our youngest visitors get all the reassurance they need – with small gifts and goodie bags to provide extra encouragement along the way.

The right dental care for your child at every milestone...

The early years are vital in establishing your child’s ongoing dental health. We’ll provide the specialist care, dental health education and treatment they need: 

Earliest years

Spotting your child’s first tooth is an unforgettable experience for every parent. It also means time to buy a first toothbrush! A soft bristled brush, a smear of fluoride and a reassuring voice is all that’s needed. As more teeth appear, you’ll want to begin your routine visits to the practice so we can keep an eye on development and help with preventative dental health advice. Soon your child will want to have a try at brushing for themselves – but you’ll need to lend a hand to make sure they do a good job.

Because the enamel on children’s teeth isn’t as strong as adult enamel, extra care needs to be taken with brushing – or the bacteria on teeth can turn sugar into acid which can attack the enamel and cause decay.

Ages four to six

Milk teeth aren’t designed to last a lifetime, but caring for them properly can certainly reap benefits which continue for decades into the future. Milk teeth help shape the mouth for the adult teeth that follow, and even guide them into the right place. Early lost teeth or poor gum care can lead to overlapping or crooked teeth – another important reason why your child should never miss a check-up here at Chiswick Park.

Acid erosion is another potential problem which we’ll look out for. You can play your part by limiting your child’s intake of sugary or acidic drinks – even the diet versions can lead to acid erosion.

Six years and older

Even with the best preventative routine, it’s possible that your child may need treatment as they grow older. If they need a filling, for instance, you can rest assured that we’ll make sure your child is at ease before treatment begins – we are entirely committed to pain-free dentistry for all our patients.  And natural coloured fillings are available for everyone we treat, no matter how old or young.

Crooked teeth

Sometimes children’s teeth can overlap or point in the wrong direction. If this is the case, we’ll offer a choice of modern techniques to straighten them as quickly and easily as possible. Options include removable braces with plastic plates, which can be taken out for cleaning or if your child is playing sport.

Fissure sealants

The chewing surfaces of our teeth aren’t as flat as they seem – in fact, they are covered in small dents known as fissures, in which decay can easily set in.

If your Chiswick Park dentist feels your child needs extra protection from tooth decay, they may recommend fitting a fissure sealant. The plastic coating quickly hardens to form a highly effective protective layer. This is a very simple, painless procedure applied only to big teeth, usually when your child is six or seven years old.

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