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For extractions Dr Ghandi is your man! Recently I had two wisdom teeth removed and I could not believe it when it all happened within the space of about 20 secs and completely painless both during and after the procedure.

S.P.B. Khan

Extraction surgery

At Chiswick Park Dental Practice our first aim is always to help you to keep your natural teeth as long as possible – preferably for an entire lifetime! However, particularly badly deteriorated or diseased teeth do sometimes need to be removed. It also sometimes becomes necessary to extract a tooth which is blocking another from coming through, or is causing bad alignment of other teeth.

Like all our treatments, avoiding pain and anxiety during an extraction is given the highest priority here at Chiswick. Our dentists will ensure that the procedure passes painlessly. We always take the concerns of our patients seriously and will happily take every measure we can to ensure your confidence and wellbeing.

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