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Occlusal splints

Protecting teeth to be restored, countering teeth grinding

A surprisingly high number of people suffer headaches, jaw discomfort or pain while chewing – frequently caused by teeth grinding or ‘night clenching’. Occlusal splints – also known as night guards or bite splints – provide a highly effective means to address these common problems. 

They can take the form of custom made small dental splints which fit over the front teeth or can be constructed to fit either the upper or lower rows of teeth.

Following an initial fitting, the patient routinely wears the splint during the night and removes it on waking. Sometimes this treatment is enough in itself to solve the problem, or we may also recommend straightening teeth by orthodontics to provide a permanent solution to more severe problems with a patient’s bite.

Our Chiswick Park dentists may also recommend the use of an occlusal splint to protect the surfaces of teeth which are to be restored, or to create space before we begin restoration treatments

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