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Dental crowns – cosmetic, highly functional and protective

By fitting a crown or cap over an existing tooth we can dramatically improve its appearance and functionality – as well as preventing future problems and extending the life of the tooth beneath.

Crowns are often the most appropriate treatment for teeth which have been heavily filled in the past, or have become broken or cracked. They are frequently fitted following root canal work to a tooth which has been weakened by decay or infection. They can therefore transform the lives of patients who have previously struggled to eat normally, restoring strength and comfort to the bite.

Crowns also have excellent cosmetic results in cases where a patient’s smile has been compromised by heavily filled teeth. 

At Chiswick Park Dental Practice our entire approach is built around finding the solutions that suit you. We’ll be pleased to discuss what type of crown might meet your needs, tailoring the materials, colour and design to your individual circumstances and budget. Your dentist will make sure you stay fully in control of the decision-making process throughout, from initial consultation through to the completion of your treatment. We’ll always fit temporary crowns while your permanent solution is being prepared.

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